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School District Reports for Leexington, Kentucky

Lafayette School District

District Wide Contact Information

High School Middle Schools Elementary Schools
Lafayette LTMS Johnson
Lafayette Jessie Clark Picadome
Clays Mill Nearly

Schools listed are mostly fed from the respective schools listed in each row.

For the most current school district feeder information and district maps click here





  • January 2000 began the pilot semester of the Kentucky Virtual High School (KVHS).

  • Any public high school student may request enrollment in a range of courses offered by Kentucky Virtual High School.

  • Upon completion of Kentucky Virtual High School course, the student will receive credit from their local high school.

  • The High School offers a Business and Marketing program.

  • School Based Decision Making gives teachers and parents control over curriculum and finances.

  • The Experience-Based Career Education Program utilizes the community as a classroom.

  • Business courses include Accounting, Management, Finance, Banking, Economics and Entrepreneurship.

  • Students may enroll in the Eastside or Southside Center for Applied Technology.

  • The High School offers a college prep curriculum and technical prep programs.

  • The Primary Program has replaced Kindergarten - Grade 3 in all Elementary Schools.

  • Every Middle School student has a teacher and an advisor to help guide and direct their progress.

  • Eastside Center offers Auto Tech, Electricity, Health Services, Welding and Floral Design.

  • The Middle Schools have interdisciplinary team organization.

  • Primary program allows students to work at their own level and move at their own pace.

  • Southside offers Auto Body, Aviation Tech, Carpentry, Electronics, Masonry and Plumbing.

  • Lafayette High School houses the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) high school magnet program.

  • Extended School Services provides academic help after school if needed.

  • Elementary and Middle Schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • Lafayette High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • Middle School sports include football, basketball and track.

  • Select District schools participate in the HOSTS Learning Program: a research based learning system that accelerates student achievement in reading and math for grades K through 12.

  • School for Creative and Performing Arts for grades 4-8 is located at the Bluegrass site.

  • Fully equipped math, programming, science and technology labs are available for The Math, Science and Technology Center students.

  • The Math, Science and Technology Center offers eligible students with a high level of interest and ability, advanced math and science.

  • The Math, Science & Technology Center (MSTC) is located within Paul Dunbar High School.

  • The School for Creative and Performing Arts program offers dance, drama, visual arts, creative writing, voice and instrumental music.

  • School for Creative and Performing Arts program is an extended day program.

  • The High School band won state championship.

  • Kindergarten is offered as both a half and full day program.

  • Year-round education is provided at select Fayette District schools.

District Size
District  Lafayette 
Lowest Grade Level *  Pre - K 
Highest Grade Level *  12 
Student Population  8865 
Teacher Population  687 
Professional Staff **  755 
Student/Teacher Ratio 12:1
Median Years of Teaching Experience  15 
# of Elementary Schools  9 
Average Elementary School Population  452 
# of Middle Schools / Junior High Schools  4 
Average Middle School Population  614 
Primary High School Population  1712 
Average Class Size ***
Grade 1  23 
Grade 8  27 
High School English  28 
High School Math  28 
High School Science  28 
* Districts with only elementary schools include information on the high school most students attend
** Includes guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers, librarians, medical/dental staff, and teachers.
*** Does not include special classes or targeted small group classes.
Elementary and Middle School Programs
District  Lafayette 
Academic Programs
Formal Study of a Foreign Language  4 
Use of an Equipped Science Lab  4 
Formal Computer Training  1 
Use of an Equipped Computer Lab  1 
In-classroom Computers  1 
Technology / Industrial Arts  6 
Home Economics  6 
English as a Second Language  1 
Fine Arts Programs
Band Instrument Lessons  4 
Orchestra Instrument Lessons  4 
Organized Band  4 
Organized Orchestra  4 
Organized Chorus  4 
Drama Productions  4 
Radio / TV Production  4 
Gifted and Talented Pull-Out Programs
Fine Arts  4 
Mathematics  4 
Science  4 
General  4 
Magnet Programs  4 
In-classroom Enrichment  4 
Academic Interschool Competitions
Odyssey of the Mind   
Reading Incentive  1 
Science Fair  K 
General Academic  K 
Other Programs
Before School Day Care   
After School Day Care   
After School Busing   
Overnight Field Trips  Y 
Senior Performance
District  Lafayette 
High School Seniors  440 
% of Seniors Receiving HS Diploma  97% 
Graduates' Future Plans (% Attending)
4-Year College/University 51%
2-Year / Junior College 18%
Business / Technical School 5%
Armed Forces 3%
Work Force 19%
National Merit Scholarship Finalists  2 
National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalists  3 
Letters of Commendation  5 
Average SAT Scores
% of Seniors taking SATs 25%
Math  563 
Verbal  565 
Average ACT Scores
% of Seniors taking ACTs 52%
Composite  22.2 



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